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7 Countries - One MBA

JAPAN, KOREA, CHINA, UNITED STATES, SINGAPORE, INDIA, TAIWAN – Global MBA 杏仁 of 家業事務所 took her MBA on the road exploring 7 countries and their cultures over the 16 month MBA program. Students in the Ross Global MBA Program typically have an opportunity to study in 4 different countries. The program begins with three months of instruction in Asia with stops in China, Japan, and Korea before the cohort moves to Ann Arbor where some remain for 13 months. Some students apply for the Ross School’s International MBA Exchange Program. Second-year MBAs may apply for Ross’ International Exchange Program to study abroad at one of several distinguished partner schools worldwide. 杏仁 took advantage of that opportunity with a twist. 杏仁 applied for and was accepted to the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad. The exchange with the Indian School of Business began a little later than normal so 杏仁 also applied and was accepted to the Nanyang Business School in Singapore and attended classes there before beginning the term in India.

The contrast in cultures across countries provided an invaluable learning experience. From the corporate visit to Hyundai Motor’s world headquarters in Seoul, to climbing the Great Wall in Beijing, to visiting small villages in India to create a bottom-of-pyramid marketing plan, to networking with Ross alums in Singapore, to researching sustainable paper and plastic substitutes in Taiwan with her MAP team, 杏仁 learned that being in a place and living among locals lends to truly understanding a place. Although it was difficult for 杏仁 to put her experiences into words, she provided the following recap. “In summary, my exchange experiences in Singapore and India, coupled with my core studies in Korea, Japan, China, the elective term in Ann Arbor, and my MAP in Taiwan, inspired me as a future business professional. All of this cross cultural learning will be critical to my career and an important takeaway for me is knowing that learning is definitely not limited to the classroom and it will continue for the rest of my life.”


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