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アジアやGMBA大好きなBusiness Communicationの教授Prof.Prisに

International GMBA Studies:
Multiple Countries Classes and Cultural Awakenings

The Ross GMBA offers exchange programs with other business schools around the world.
I did this exchange at two business schools:
Nanyang Business School --Singapore and
Indian School of Business—Hyderabad,India.
It was fantastic!
It’s hard to share all my incredible experience in such a short newsletter article.
The three months in these two countries changed my life.
I’d learned a lot about these countries in class, but now I've “touched” them.

First, I studied at Nanyang in Singapore.
This school has strong connection with Ross faculty, Professor Dufey and Professor Pris.
My course work included Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Marketing.(参考記事
I also completed an individual research project with Professor Dufey on issues facing Japanese companies who enter Singapore.
Extracurricular and networking activities were also informative.
Ms.I, GMBA Class of 2010, invited me to a welcome dinner and helped to me adjust to Singapore living.
She also talked to me about her GMBA experiences, her work in Singapore in global company, and cultural differences with Japan.
She became a role model of a successful alumna.
Professor Dufey also arranged a Ross networking dinner.
Guests were internationally diverse but they shared memories of Ross.
Furthermore, I organized an MBA networking party one night
because Mr.K, Class of 2011, visited Singapore for his business trip.
It was a good opportunity for Japanese students studying at Nanyang Business School, National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, INSEAD, other schools, and Michigan alumni together.
It demonstrated that Singapore is a hub for Asian business and education.

At Hyderabad in India, there were few foreigners and international students.
Outside the campus walls, I was stared at by locals. I felt like a stranger in a foreign land in contrast to my experience in Singapore.
However, the lectures at Indian School of Business (ISB) exceeded my expectations.
I learned a lot from the professors in the four courses that I took; Rural Marketing, Strategic Innovative Management, Contemporary Film Industry at Bollywood(参考記事1 記事2 ), Family Busuiness.
For my Rural Marketing class, I visited a small village analyzed villagers as consumers, and built a targeted bottom-of-pyramid marketing plan. (参考記事1, 記事2)
Some villagers spoke neither English nor Hindi. Even students at ISB could not understand them or their buying habits. The students were rich and well-educated; the villagers were just the opposite. (カーストに関する参考記事
It showed me that you have to be in a place to understand it.
That’s also our philosophy, Action Based Learning, isn't it!

In summary, my experiences in Singapore and India, coupled with my other GMBA studies in Suwon, Osaka, Beijing, and Ann Arbor, Michigan inspired me as a future business professional.
I don’t know yet what I will do with all my cross cultural learning from my GMBA studies around the world,
but I do know Asia will be critical to my career and the most important thing I've learned is that
studying and traveling must continue for the rest of my life.


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